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Dream Essentials

New Strap on Escape Sleep Mask


Escape Luxury Travel Sleep Mask

Introducing the new head strap, see what's new about this sleep mask in this short video ...





Originally Designed For the Executive Traveller

The Escape Luxury Travel Sleep Mask from Dream Essentials is a long time favorite of many customers.  Originally it was designed for the Executive Traveller.  The Escape Sleep Mask is a more luxurious sleep mask and originally just for someone that wants comfort, darkness and the ability to sleep on aircraft.  However, overtime many people that tested the sleep mask liked it for home use and other uses as well.   And even though it was designed for travellers, sitting upright, many have found that it works for side sleepers in their bed.  The sleep masks shape is excellent for blocking unwanted light and creating darkness.

It's been around a long time, so what is new?

That's a great question, and the short answer is, it has an all new sleep mask adjustable strap. The previous version of the sleep mask, had a fully adjustable strap, it was an elasticated 'Hook & Fuzzy' style. And while there is nothing wrong with the original strap, (in fact many users like it),  there were requests for a strap without the hook and fuzzy.  This version of the Escape was borne with the MKII Strap. The new strap employs a fully adjustable slide stretch elastic band of the sleeping mask allows for perfect size variability and durability throughout the years.  This sleep mask will fit and even wider range of head sizes, ranging from small to extra large.  

This sleep mask is a must have for people who want to fall asleep more easier, who want extra darkness in their bedroom. Such as; shift workers who need to sleep in the day, useful for those who meditate, and of course perfect for travelling and when you need to get sleep on a boat, in a car, hotel room or on a plane.  Whenever you need to block light and get some zzz's this is a great sleep mask to have around.

The fabric on the outside of this sleep mask is a soft plush high grade minky style one, with a cotton mix on the fabric that rests against your face.  There are two eye cavities, that means, that for most people the fabric does not tough your eyes.   

Sleep Mask Benefits

  • Fall asleep naturally by blocking unwanted light with this sleep blindfold
  • The Esacpe Luxury Travel Sleep Mask, has two eye cavities (that is the space in front of your eyes)  - For most peole using a sleep mask with eye cavities, it means, your eyes, nor eye lashes don't touch the fabric.  
  • (some people like the mask to press against their eyes, other prefer nothing touching their eyes while others like the fabric away from their eyes, it all comes down to individual preference)
  • Fully Adjustable Strap, that fits small to extra large heads
  • The Escape Sleep Mask has a high nose piece, which allows it to sit comfortably on your face.
  • Excellent Light Blocking - the darkness helps you sleep more naturally
  • Washable


Please note, the Dream Essentials, Escape Luxury Travel Sleeping Mask with the new MKII head strap is currently only available on the black version of the sleep mask.


Where do I go next?

Shop online for The Escape Sleep Mask MKII with strap today!

As with all Dream Essentials Sleep Masks, the Escape Luxury Travel Sleep Mask can be returned within 45 days if it does not work for you.